15 days of Magical Uganda


This 15 day safari will treat you to sights and sounds of most attractions that are ranked among Uganda's seven wonders. It starts with a visit to Uganda's biggest park, Murchison falls N/P, where you stand excellent chances of encountering the Big 5. At Bwindi Impenetreble National Park, you will have a gorilla adventure of a lifetime. On the otherhand, Kibale National Park, you will mix and mingle with chimps in the wild. Altogether, you will visit 5 National Parks, each of which has delightful community empowering initiatives.

Day 1:  Arrival at Entebbe International Airport

On arrival, you will find our driver guide ready to drop you off at your hotel.
You will spend much of the afternoon relaxing at the hotel as you recover from the jet lag. This break will enable your body to regain its full vigor ahead of the adventure marathon that will unfold in the next 14 days.
At night, you will be hosted to a pleasant dinner by our Director. She will give you a comprehensive briefing about how your adventure will unfold.

Day 2: Road trip to Murchison falls National Park with a stopover at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

This day will lead you to Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area, found in the Northwest part of the country. Its 3,840 Km2 expanse has all you can expect of a multi-award winning national park. It's rolling grassy hills are studded with borassus palms and boast of 76 mammal species inclusive of Big 5 animals, over 450 bird species and dense tropical forests full of primates like chimps.
On arriving at your lodge later in the evening, a camp fire experience will be organized for you. Dinner will be served at this time too, at the climax of which you will be treated to energetic dances of Northern Uganda, as performed by Mubako, a community of farmers living in the neighborhood of Murchison.

Day 3: Morning Game Drive

If you wish to see more wildlife, a morning or evening game drive in the park’s open savannah plains will leave you with tears of joy. The well maintained network of trails here makes it easy to view animals even in the wet seasons. These range from jackson’s hartebeest, oribi, lions, grey duiker, bushbuck… The dominant species in this Northern section of the Murchison is the Uganda kob and Rothschild giraffes, estimated at over 1,200. This is partly because the poaching rate is low. That aside, ranger guides make daily patrols to uproot snares planted in routes used by animals.
Boat cruise
In the afternoon, you will have a sightseeing boat cruise to the mouth of Murchison falls. It is the most fascinating thing to happen to River Nile en route from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean Sea! At this stunning waterfall that overlooks a rift valley escarpment, you will find the only spot where the world’s longest river forces its self through a narrow cleft that is less than 8 meters wide. The result is a thunderous explosion and a plume of foaming white water that showcases the sheer force of nature.

Day 4: One Day in Budongo Forest

After an optional Chimp trekking excursion in Budongo forest or spot fishing excursion on river Nile, you will visit a gift shop in the park. Here, you can purchase handmade crafts made by community living in villages that surround the park.
Thereafter, you will depart for Hoima town. After this five hours journey, you will have a break at Hoima Cultural Lodge, a cozy home away from home. During your stay here, you will be treated to authentic Ugandan cultures, cuisines and dances.

Day 5: Drive to Kibale National Park

After breakfast, you will leave for Kibale National Park ahead of your chimp trekking excursion the next day. Kibale Forest is a tropical forest with 13 primate species, inclusive of chimps, L’Hoest monkey, baboons, grey cheeked mangabey, bush babies, red tailed monkeys and, black and white colobus.
In the afternoon, you will have a village walk in the community neighbouring the park.

Day 6: Chimp trekking

The hiking is considerably easier than for the gorillas. The terrain is mildly undulating and the vegetation far less dense.
In an effort to avoid interfering with ecosystem, the chimps here are not fed. They look for food on their own in the park. On reaching their location, the first thing you are likely to see is a mother and baby up on the tree, being very quiet.
In the afternoon, you will have a guided nature walk at Bigodi Wetland to see animals and bird species you missed out on seeing during the morning trek. It is a community owned swamp that is easy to traverse thanks to availability of board walks.
Drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Day 7: Game drive and Queen Elizabeth National Park

After breakfast, you will have a tour of the Uganda’s most beautiful crater lakes and later depart for Queen Elizabeth National Park. On your way, you will make a stopover at the equator. This ecologically diverse park features on most safari itineraries because of its mix of beauty and wildlife. This includes Four of the Big Five, except for rhinos, but they can be seen at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in central Uganda.
Perhaps the park’s most rewarding activity is an encounter with tree climbing lions that doze nonchalantly on the boughs of fig trees in its southern wing, better known as Ishasha sector.
Due to the various volcanic eruptions that exploded in the park over 10,000 years back, Queen Elizabeth is blessed with stunning crater lakes, several of which are rated among the 10 most beautiful in the world. Their full charm and ocean blue beauty can be appreciated from air as you are flying into the park. Their strategic location along main tracks makes them a worthwhile stopover during game drives.

Day 8: Optional Chimp trekking in Kyambura Gorge

Without doubt, Kyambura Gorge is a favourite part of the park for primate lovers. It is a forested valley at the heart of the park, a tranquil underground world with a habituated chimp family that can be seen any time of the year.
The most exhaustive part of the hike is the entry and exit of the gorge as they are quite steep. Luckily, the ranger guides are very supportive. They will map out for you safe spots to step on as you descend. At the floor of the gorge you will find a river with pods of hippos and crocodiles at its shores. To get from one side to the other, there is a wooden side walk bridge that is easy to follow.
In the afternoon, you will visit Kikorongo Women Community. The initiative was established to provide locals a sustainable source of income considering that their farms are usually invaded by destructive elephants. The organization has over 50 beneficiaries who are always happy to share with tourists traditional craft skills such as basket weaving, pottery, making jewellery out of paper and carving wood. At the end of your tour, you will be treated to vibrant traditional dances from the Bakonzo tribe.
In the evening, you will have a boat cruise on Kazinga Channel. Expect to see over 250 bird species, lions, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes and toppi.

Day 9: Game drive in Ishasha Sector

With the intent of chancing on tree climbing lions.

Drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park ahead of your gorilla adventure.

Day 10: Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

In an effort to ensure you register a 95% probability of finding the gorillas, an advance team of rangers will go into the forest to monitor the direction towards which they are moving. On finding them, he will guide the ranger leading your group on how to easily access the particular family you have been allocated to visit. You will follow them as they move around. You will see so many both in the trees and on the ground. You will see many males male posturing and pant-hooting - even some farting!

In the afternoon, you will visit Bike for a woman, a charitable organization set up to support women struggling with poverty, HIV and domestic violence.

Day 11: Sightseeing tour of Lake Mutanda

After breakfast at Lake Mutanda, you will start a three hour sightseeing canoe tour of this stunning crater lake which boasts of small islands, some of which bear dense forests. This freshwater lake was formed over 10,000 years ago as a result of Volcanic eruptions. If it’s a clear, day, you will see all the 8 volcanoes lined up at the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Some of these active volcanoes with beautiful crater rims that light up the sky at night with their bright orange glow, like Mountain Nyiragongo.

Day 12: Batwa trail or golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga National Park

There is no dull moment during this adventure as there is so much to see for almost every turn; butterflies, rainbows, plants with fascinating shapes. You will search for the monkeyss using their vocalizations. It is such a splendid experience to hear them drumming the tree trunks. The males never tire humming aloud and jumping around as they attempt to get attention of females, with the intent of getting mating favours.
On the other hand, the Batwa trail will lead you to historical sites where the Batwa tribe used to live prior to their eviction from the park in 1991. It is a half day tour that climaxes with a visit of Ngarama, an underground cave that used to host their royal family.

Day 13: Drive to Lake Mburo National Park

Though this savannah park doesn’t measure up to the hype of Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Park, but its location makes it an ideal place to break up the otherwise long drive from Mgahinga to Kampala city. It has plenty of adventures for you, inclusive of game drives, bushwalks, boat cruises and bird watching. The park’s lack of predators like lions and leopards has played a pivotal role in allowing its population of zebras, hippos, toppi, antelopes and giraffes to thrive.

Day 14: Tour of Lake Mburo

You will start your 14th day of the adventure by having a boat ride on a lake system after which the park is named, Lake Bunyonyi. Brace yourself for hippos and water-associated birds, notably the localised African finfoot.

Day 15: Depature

Return journey to Entebbe International Airport ahead of your departure from Uganda. Prior to your departure, you will be taken to the craft market to shop souvenirs. Our Director will later host you to a complimentary dinner.

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