All our safaris are purposed to directly support the sustainability of organisations at the forefront of conservation. This is partly achieved by supplying significant tourism traffic to some of the projects from which they raise revenue. This includes the coffee tour offered in community owned farms surrounding Bwindi National Park, an initiative of Conservation through Public Health(CTPH). Founded in 1999, it is a non-profit organisation tackling the spread of human diseases to gorillas and other wildlife such as buffalos. The tour is a farm to cup experience than ends with a cupping experience at a home of a local farmer or CTPHs cozy camp site.

One of the most memorable moments of our healthy relationship with Gorilla Doctors and Ruth Keesling Foundation was in February 2016 when we facilitated a clients donation of money to the two organizations. Cathy G. was her name, an ardent conservation enthusiast whose money was was designated for scholarships to Makerere University in honour of Mountain Gorilla Conservation Project.

If your heart beats for conservation and you would like to support the above project through funding or resource provision, we are happy to organize for you a tour of the Ruth Keesling Center in Makerere University. It features a bamboo jungle that exhibits the how gorillas survive in the wild, and a well organised garden that features foods grown by communities neighbouring gorilla parks. This intriguing tour is guided by John Bosco, Executive Manager of the project and Regional Capacity Coordinator-Gorilla Doctors. After exploring the gardens with this enthusiastic lecturer, you will feel as though you have had completed a agricultural tour of Africa!

Alternatively, we can take you to Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary, a rehabilitation center in Lake Victoria that looks after 50 chimps, most of which were victims or poaching.

If you desire for something more intense, we look forward to recommending you for a volunteering experience with Gorilla Doctors. It is an N.G.O focussed on providing medical attention to injured and sick gorillas in Virunga N/P, Bwindi N/P and Virunga N/P.

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