Kalinzu Central Forest Reserve

The chimp trek in this tropical jungle with 414 species of trees is somewhat difficult as some stretches of the climb are steep. However, you start to see chimpanzees fairly soon due to their big population in the forest, over 100 individuals. At first just a few, but before too long there is a whole troop high up in the trees or on the floor of the jungle.

The reserve is adjacent to Maramagambo forest of Queen Elizabeth National Park. It covers 147sq.km and sits at 1,400m above sea level

Considering that chimps are in their most active state early morning, your hike will start as soon as the sun starts to rise. You will be amazed by how these brainy primates use rock tools to crack nuts open, but this takes a lot of practice.

The tracking is fun. The loud pant hoots of the chimps is arguably the most memorable part of the experience. They are very intelligent and have outlived extinction having mastered the art of survival. It is fascinating to watch them make tools for harvesting food. For instance, they strip leaves off a thin branch, poke the stick into a termite mound and after pull it out when it is covered with edible termites. They also use rocks to crack nuts open.

As you start walking out of the forest after your hour with them, you might find another group moving into the area or coming down from the trees. As such, you won't have to crane your neck to see them. The ranger guide we shall delegate to lead this adventure is vigilant in monitoring for safety and you will never feel at any risk. He will keep the pace slow and to stop whenever you need a rest or to get pictures.

Chimps aside, Kalinzu is endowed with 378 bird species, 262 butterfly species and 97moths. You can't fail to see colubus monkeys, vervets and blue monkeys.

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